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Frequently Asked Questions

At Greeley Nutritional Center we take pride in providing you with the finest herbal products and protocols available on your journey to natural health.  While we have created some of the most frequently asked questions we have been asked, we encourage you to contact us with your questions and to be an active participant with us in your health care. Our staff is available to keep you up-to-date and educated regarding all Greeley Nutritional Center products and health care recommendations.

Greeley Nutritional Center – Why use us?

At Greeley Nutritional Center we are natural health conscious individuals dedicated to bringing you natural health and healing modalities that work. Everything we suggest you use to improve your health has already been tried and tested in our clinical setting before we ever recommend it to you. If a product or procedure does not perform or has not been proven to work for us then it will not be recommended to you.


Our promise to you… If we have not tried and tested a product or procedure in our clinic and found it to meet all of our expectations to our complete satisfaction for wellness, then we will never offer it to you.

What will my investment in my health be?

This is an important question! Investment is dependent upon your level of health and wellness, where you are on that level at the time of your initial visit, and how quickly your body will respond to the proper protocols of natural healing. Healing takes time. Healing is not linear. Generally it takes 1-3 months to get your body out of crisis, 3-6 months to stabilize and 1-3 years to truly reverse chronic heal issues. You did not get ill instantly it will take time for the body to rebuild with proper cleansing and nutrition.  The average cost of supplements is about a coffee a day, whether it a tall black coffee or a venti Frappuccino. Be patient. If you are not patient, this is not the program for you, if you do not like the fact hat you will have to change your eating habits, this is not the program for you.  If you don't thing that while food and supplements are not essential for healing this is defiantly not the program for you. If you are someone who practitioner hops every couple months or who is trying the latest and greatest health treads, this is not the program for you, If you are looking for a quick fix this in not the program for you. If you are looking for a long term, stainable change that will get you the optimum heal you're looking for, this IS the program for you and we are here to help YOU!

How long will it take to feel better?

This question was partially answered in the question pertaining to “investment.” Your timing in feeling better depends upon many things: your current lifestyle, toxicity of your body, your willingness to follow a wellness program, your level of commitment, your mental attitude and your belief system. Basically, in natural health there are no incurable diseases. There are however some incurable people.

Three types of people are incurable:

  1. Those people who enjoy illness and enjoy the attention they receive from other others during illness.

  2. Those people who will not follow a wellness program to completion. You’d be amazed at the large number of people we place on a wellness program at the clinic who just will not follow through to total wellness.

  3. Those people whose time has come to leave this world and they are aware of it. We can make them comfortable and relieve their pain but we cannot bring them back to wellness.


Other than these three types of people there are no incurable diseases. How long it takes you to “feel better” is dependent on you and how hard you are willing to work to obtain good health and natural wellness. At Greeley Nutritional Center we will provide you with the tools and a health care program specifically designed to fit your needs. However…bottom line…the final commitment to the program we design for you is your responsibility.

Is this safe while pregnant and nursing?

Since most of the products are whole food products they are as safe as eating your meals. There are a few stressors that we will postpone addressing during pregnancy and lactation to avoid stirring them up in your system to avoid stressing your baby. In general, having a nutritional program is extremely beneficial to help support your body through the significant changes in every stage of pregnancy and postpartum and the new challenges that come along with motherhood.

Does my insurance cover these services?

Truly the best 'health insurance' is to have good health!

Some health insurance companies do cover alternative health therapies but at the present time most do not. You will have to contact your health insurance company and ask them if they will pay for alternative health therapies and if they will, request their claim forms. We require that you pay us and be reimbursed by your insurance company. Most “health insurance” companies are misnamed. Health Insurance should be called “sickness insurance” because you do not use them unless you are sick! If they would cover preventative medicine then you could reasonably call them a health insurance company.

Can I take the different herbal formulas all at one time?

Herbs are food and are very safe to mix. Ideally, take them five minutes apart. However if you don’t have the time, you can mix them. Keep in mind you mix the food on your dinner plate with no ill side effects!

Can I take my prescription drugs and take these products and feel better doing it?

Most of our products are whole food desiccates and herbal based, food grade, therapeutic health and wellness products. We would not recommend any product that would be contra-indicated with any pharmaceutical drug you are currently taking. Since most of our products are “whole food and herb based” the answer most commonly is “yes.” We will require a list of all pharmaceutical drugs you are taking at the time of your initial visit. If we do not know what drugs you are taking and the reason they were prescribed, we will more than likely not be able to recommend a natural health program for you.

Do I have to change my diet?

Only if you seriously wants to get well. We have all heard the phrase, “if you continue to do what you have always done, you will continue to get what you have always got.” This is as true today as when the phrase was first coined.

Do I have to take herbs the rest of my life?

No, herbal medicines are plant medicines that are specific for healing certain organs or areas of the body. When you attain healing you will no longer need the herbal medicine. However, we will recommend you follow our Basic Foundation program protocols during your life time. These programs will be discussed with you and we offer a “reminder” on our Preventative Maintenance Calendar. (Also referred to as Calendar of Cleanses)

Do you accept everyone as a client?

We will see everyone who contacts our office for an initial visit. We can create nutritional protocols even for new born babies with health concerns. However, in some instances we find the person is not a good “fit” for us or we are not a good “fit” for them and request they seek natural health care elsewhere. These decisions are not made lightly and are only made after a full staff review of the circumstances.

Why do you use alcohol in your extracts?

Certain herbs will not release their healing properties unless grain alcohol is used to extract the healing nutrients. At Greeley Nutritional Center, we have found alcohol to be the most effective medium for this process. There is more alcohol content in most mouth washes than a dropper full of extract. The amount of alcohol in the average dose of extract is equal to the amount of alcohol you’ll find in a ripe banana. However, some people have an emotional, spiritual or physical aversion to consuming alcohol and that is why we have encapsulated our products.

What is a dropper full of extract?

Insert the glass dropper into the liquid, squeeze the rubber tip two time quickly. This will fill the glass dropper about one-half full. (30-35 drops). This constitutes one dropper full.

Are herbal medicinals safe?
Yes, herbs are food and food is safe unless your client happens to have a particular food allergy.

I am not located in Greeley, can you help me if I can’t visit you or do you have referrals for a local Naturopath?

 Although we are able to provide some services to you long distance, we still recommend visiting someone local. Below is a list of Clinicians we personally work with that we encourage you to reach out to. If you cannot find a Clinician on the list that is in your location, you can also call a Locator Service to find the closest one to you at (970) 415-3381. Or Contact UNS locator to find a practitioner near you. (866) 418-4801

Nona Hubbard-Kindsvater   (307) 338-0293
Torrington, WY

Wanda Fieldcamp (307) 624-0182
Douglas, WY

Stacey Reichardt (307) 331-1951
Wheatland, WY

Russ Bain (307) 286-0910
Cheyenne, WY

Carl Malone (970) 568-2900
Ft. Collins, CO

Niki Katzenmeier (720) 281-0952
Castle Rock, CO and Douglas, WY

Ed Gifford (307) 672-7705
Sheridan, WY

Margaret Neumann (970) 353-2939
Greeley, CO

Shirley Barboza (956) 631-1664
McAllen, TX

Bob Burdekin (916) 539-7867
Elk Grove, CA

Caroline Carpio (505) 869-0827
Peralta, NM

Sherry Goodrich (803) 814-4105
Lexington, SC

Erin Heylin (872) 216-4447
Hoffman Estates, IL

Heidi Hoffman (310) 569-2884
Sierra Madre, CA

Debra Land (940) 500-1465
Scotland, TX

Daniel Layton (760) 845-1532
Las Vegas, NV

Martha Madrid (505) 681-0319
Isleta, NM

Jocelyn O’Malley (630) 447-0969
Naperville, IL

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